How to seduce russian women ?

Russian women are one of the best women in the world. Who never dreamt of dating and seducing one of those splendid girls ? But the big problem is that, really often, they are hard to get along with. Sometimes, you won’t even be able to meet one. But there is a way to definitely do that, and one solution is to first start to understand them. As our french article « Comment séduire les femmes russes » explained, let’s see what it takes to get one hot Russian girl

Be aware of their culture

As a part of the ex soviet union, Russia has a great past of communist behavior. Which has less impact now, because they tend to become more and more like western societies, but they still grew up a bit differently. And especially : they don’t really share their emotion freely, and especially when they do not know you. That’s what we call « the Russian minute ».

But even though, they still have emotions inside, and as you know them better and better, they’ll open up. But you’ll have to do the extra work, and don’t give up until she accepts you.

How they behave

Contrarily to their look, Russian women tends to be much more reserved and introvert when it deals with reactions. They are much more stoic and don’t let their emotion appear on their face. But acting like that, they had to exteriorize in another way : what they cannot express by talking or with their facial expression, they put it on their sexy outfit. And they put tons of effort to do that, so one way to get into their good side is to flatter their ego and compliment on the way they look. They will automatically feel rewarded for their effort, and will start to acknowledge you too. One part of the work done.

One funny thing is the high heels : they wear that nearly every time in the year. And some might say, that the confidence of a girl can be measured by the eight of their heels. Kind of true if one might ask me.

Another weird kind of behavior : be careful, because in Russia, guys always pay for everything ! It’s because, in Moscow especially, they can afford it. (There are more rich people there than in paris for example) So, a lot of girls will also think that you’ll pay, at least for the drink. So if you were all nice during the night, then you can try and split the bill. It will spice things a little bit, and help you get into « seduction mode » easier. But if you already spiced up things, don’t risk it : pay. Because, that really might leave a really bad emotion for her.

Where to find them ?

Russian girls will be found everywhere in Eastern Europe. A lot of countries were part of soviet union, such as Ukraine, Latvia, Bielorussia, Russia, etc … So you’ll definitely find a lot of good destinations  to find them. But They also are everywhere in the world : united states, France, England … And maybe, russia girls near you might be a lot easier to score.

The traits to be charming for Russian women

Now you now some global things about Russian women. Now how to seduce them  ? It’s not that difficult actually, and you’ll have to follow that list :

  1. Don’t give up if you are to experience the « Russian minute »
  2. You have to always be the leader : Russian girls love guys who take responsibility, so be a man, and get her to do what you want to do
  3. Be really confident : you have to show that you are confident. Because it’s a very attractive trait, for every girls in the world
  4. Don’t speak about money : it’s from my personal experience. Russian girls who are abroad tends to be there because they wanted to run away from their own culture. So avoid speaking about money cause they might think that you are showing off, and they’ll just mix you up with Moscow Guys.
  5. Learn some Russian words : If you learn Russian words, you’ll easily attract them. Cause not every one knows about Russian language, and they are kind of proud to listen to someone who seems interested in her country.

So now you have some keys to score on some Russian woman. Now it’s up to you to try with those advices and remember : practice makes it better ! So never rely only to my advices, and go test it out for your own, and make your own tricks !

And if you find some, don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comments below 🙂

Until next time

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